Professional Development Course on Advanced Public-Sector Management Strategies and Tools for Administrators and Decision Makers, 13 – 19 August 2017

This five day professional development course is designed for senior policy makers, administrators and planners employed in government departments at the central level, as well as senior executives and directors at the provincial administrative offices. The course aims to develop the mindset of senior government officials towards new views on public administration reforms and policies based on current development requirements and challenges faced by the global community. Read more »

Professional Development Training and Study Visit Course on: Business Competency Development for Food Product Industries 04 - 09 August 2017

This is a five days Customized Professional Development Training and Study Visit Course on Business Competency Development for Food Product Industries is prepared for 8 managers from Sri Lanka Thriposha Limited, Sri Lanka. The program is designed specifically for managers from food industry who are familiar of the challenging tasks of sustainable business development in their organization. The program emphasizes the importance of indicators, linking assessment and planning to outcomes, and managing for results. Read more »

Professional development program on PSC accounting, auditing and oil/gas exploitation contract, 07 August – 16 August 2017

The course will provide a comprehensive overview of basic principles of PSC accounting and exploitation of contract. It is expected that at the end of the course the participants will have developed insights on international oil and gas exploitation contract and its’ auditing;  sharpened their learning on oil and gas exploration and production accounting; acquired relevant knowledge in joint-venture production and sharing accounting in oil and gas industry. Read more »

Professional development course on Accounting: significant aspects in power utilities companies, 7-18 August 2017)

This two-week program is prepared in response to a recent request from Ceylon  Electricity  Board  (CEB) and Lanka Electricity Company (PVT) Ltd. for the training course  on Accounting: Significant Aspects in Power Utilities Companies for different  units,  especially professionals involved in the Accounting and Finance in Ceylon Electricity Board and Lanka Electricity Company (PVT) Ltd. Read more »

Professional development course for deans, administrative staff, directors and coordinators of the centers of the eastern university, Sri Lanka 07 – 14 August 2017

This seven day workshop/exposure visit program aims to provide insights to the academic staff members in the best practices in the international, private and public institutes of higher learning in the areas of science and social-science to cope with the dynamic changes due to technological advances and newer market demands. Read more »

Public Procurement and Contract Administration, 7-18 August 2017

Public Sector Capacity Building Program Unit is organizing the Professional Development Course on  Public Procurement and Contract Administration 7th - 18th August  2017 for government officers from Ministry of  Public Works and Transport, Lao PDR. The program funded by World Bank for NoL and  this program aims to enhancing practical knowledge and skills of the participants on procurement process and contract administration for acquiring goods and construction works by the government. Read more »

Professional development course on Gas pricing, accounting & auditing, 24 July – 02 August 2017

This 10 day course will provide a comprehensive overview of basic principles of gas contracts, current practices in gas purchase and sales agreements and principles and techniques in gas contract negotiations in the industry. It is particularly suitable for personnel who want to gain a broader understanding driving performance in teams, organization and partnership. This course additionally concentrates on cost control analysis, budget preparation and control, auditing techniques and internal audit. Read more »

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