Pradeep Kumar Dash

Director (Programs)

During the last 23 years he has accumulated wealth of experience in proposal writing, marketing of professional development training programs, liaising with various Government, donor agencies and conducting / coordinating various training programs in the area of Development Planning and Management, Project Management, Good Governance related programs for various organizations of Asia-Pacific regions and few African countries.

He is responsible for planning, management, and execution of various customized and advertised international training programs and multi-country training study visits programs. His major area of expertise is in the field of Human Resource Management, Project Management, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Rural and Regional Development Planning, Natural Resource Management, Urban Development Planning and Management, Water and Environment related fields.

Dr. Pradeep successfully conducted more than 250 training programs in the last two decades in a wide array of subjects and thematic areas. During the last 4-5 years, he has conducted and coordinated more than 50 training and multi-country study visits program for the public sector organizations of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh to various countries such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Laos, Cambodia, and India. He has conducted a number of Caravan training/capacity building programs for the World Food Program at Colombo and Phnom Penh, Knowledge Management workshop for Ministry of Education, Nepal, etc.

Just to name a few, he was given the responsibility to implement a series of multi-country training and exposure program for the Department of Personnel, Government of India and implemented for 6 batches (2009-10). The countries were Thailand, Singapore, and Australia. Another big project was implementing the Foreign training component of the Central Secretariat Service officers under the auspices of Institute for Secretariat Training and Management. Under this project, he has implemented 12 training programmes and trained close to 350 officers (2012-15). This was also with the multi-country component in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Also implemented a series of the training program for the State Government of Manipur. These training programs were on the thematic area of Development Planning, Strategic HRM and New Public Sector Management.

Dr. Pradeep received his M. A, (1989) M. Phil (1990) in Geography from Utkal University and M.Sc. degree in Regional and Rural Development Planning (1996) from AIT & Ph.D. in Development Planning and Management (2006). He works in a multi-cultural team environment and has the ability to motivate the team members. 

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