Niramol Ponvilai

Coordinator and Head of Administrative and Technical Support Unit

Mrs. Niramol Ponvilai joined the Asian Institute of Technology in 1980 as Secretary at the Registry Office having graduated from the Secretarial College, Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus.  In 1998, she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from Sukhothai Open University. She has since gained extensive experience in administrative operations, rising through the ranks from Admin Officer to Senior Admin Officer.

With her knowledge and experience, Niramol is focused on enhancing the capacity of all admin staff and equip them with high level competence and instill in them the mindset of a professional administrator.

Her knowledge, experience and dedication in her work was recognized by her supervisor, who in 2016, promoted her as a Coordinator of AIT Extension. Her main responsibilities includes:

Overall Management and Supervision:Niramol manages overall unit operations including human resource, finance, procurement, IT service management and ensures logistical and technical support to all training program units. She supervises all administrative and technical staff members under the AIT Extension Executive Director’s office.

Responsibilities to Executive Director’s Office: Niramol serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director of AIT Extension. She manages and organizes the ED’s professional calendar, appointments, meetings and promotional trips, academic events and the Office’s documentation system.

Responsibilities to Program Units: Niramol coordinates with program units in providing logistical and technical support for training programs and participants.

Human Resource Management: Niramol manages staff recruitment procedures, processes employment contracts, maintains staff records, and ensures the provision of staff benefits and the enhancement of staff welfare.  

Financial Matters: Niramol takes overall charge of AIT Extension’s financial operations including the planning and preparation of the annual budget, and monitoring budget projections, revenues and expenses.  She also manages the budget for procurement of fixed assets, office and training supplies.

IT Related Matters: Niramol coordinates and provides IT services to AIT Extension’s offices and training programs and ensures the smooth operations with respect to IT troubleshooting and support services.

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