Public Sector Capacity Building

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Overseas Development Agencies (ODA) and national governments of the developing countries have recognized that the successful implementation of poverty reduction strategy depends on improving efficiency of public sector. Donor agencies such as the World Bank, DFID, ADB, AusAID, DANIDA and UNDP have been strongly supportive to implement public sector reform and performance improvement programs. The global public sector management blueprint was developed by ODA aiming primarily at achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – addressing suitable mechanism and ways to build state capacity to implement programs/projects successfully over time.

Major strategic focuses of such development initiative are on public service delivery, performance management, quality improvement, decentralization, institutional restructuring, public sector professionalism, good governance and combating corruption. It also addresses citizens’ empowerment to participate more effectively in shaping their own development, and to improved governance at local level.

Public Sector Capacity Building Program at AIT Extension values principles and lessons that public sector in developing countries have learned from the past; approaches and processes to drive change that suits the country’s context; participation of key actor across sector to learn and interact; best practice applied by other countries to foster reform; and long-term partnerships and institutional networking amongst national, regional and international agencies to consolidate collective efforts to achieve international development goals.

We, therefore, offer capacity development programs and training courses in the following focused areas:

  • Performance Management in Public Organizations
  • Good Governance in Public Services
  • Client-Centered Public Service Delivery and Quality Management
  • Institutional Development and Knowledge Transfer
  • Sustainable Management of Infrastructure and Public Utility
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Human Resource Management in the Public Sector
  • Decentralization, Empowerment and Capacity Development of Local Organizations