Voravate Chonlasin

Senior Program Specialist (Head of PSCB)

As Senior Program Specialist, Mr. Voravate's major responsibilities are analyzing training needs, designing training courses, planning and managing implementation of training programs, facilitating learning activities and evaluating training programs. Mr. Voravate is specialized in competency-based course design for sustainable environment management, urban environment management, rural-regional planning, infrastructure development, agriculture development and water resources management. He is also interested in knowledge management through facilitative learning.

Mr. Voravate was course coordinator and facilitator for the ADB-PPP GMS training courses on Urban Environment Management and 1st and 2nd learning courses on Environment and Natural Resources Planning and Management. He worked with LEAD Associates as coordinator on the LEAD International Workshop on Cross-Border Resource Flow in the GMS held at AIT. He was AIT-Bangkok-Based workshop coordinator chosen by the World Bank Institute to carry out Trainers’ Workshops on Improving Training Quality (ITQ). From 2002 to 2004, he coordinated and facilitated workshop of the ADB SESIP courses for training specialists on Strategic Management Applications in Education Management and Trainer Training.

Mr. Voravate has worked on AIT Extension training courses as a resource person for training sessions on training course design; development of lesson plan; application of learning theories in training; facilitation techniques; and, managing and organizing training program. He has also served as a facilitator for strategic planning workshops, curriculum design workshops, lesson plan formulation workshops, and for writing learning portfolio.

Mr. Voravate first joined AIT's Continuing Education Center (CEC) in 1990 as a Program Assistant. From 1996 to 1998 he worked as socio-economist in the project evaluation section of a private consulting firm. He rejoined CEC in 1998, and was promoted to Senior Training Officer in AIT Extension in 1999 and to Training Specialist in 2005.

Mr. Voravate earned his B.Sc. in Soil Science from King's Mongkut Institute of Technology Lad Krabang (KMITL) in 1989 and M. Sc. in Rural – Regional Development Planning of AIT School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD) in 1994.