Project Management with an emphasis on Agricultural and Rural Development Projects

19 - 26 February 2023

The Professional Training Program “Project Management with an emphasis on Agricultural and Rural Development Projects” aims to enhance participants' understanding and capabilities in the field of project management with an emphasis on agricultural and rural development projects. The program will provide participants with exposure to current and evolving project management practices and methodologies, with a focus on project planning and execution skills, including project cycle management and result-based management, monitoring and evaluation.
The ultimate goal of the program is to support participants in guiding work processes towards clearly defined objectives, enhancing program impact, and improving the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of both small and large projects and teams.
The program will facilitate exchange of knowledge and experiences between project managers, policy makers, and planners from government and non-government organizations in Thailand. The accompanying study visits will offer participants the opportunity to observe and learn about project management practices in various organizational contexts.

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