Seminar on Annual Performance Agreement

01 - 05 July 2019

The 5 days seminar on annual performance agreement is prepared in response to a recent request from Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Co. Ltd. (BGDCL), Comilla, Bangladesh.

Objective:  Upon completion of this training course, the participant will acquaint themselves with knowledge and skills on annual performance agreement. They will enhance their knowledge on key point, aim, step, need, benefit, of an effective performance agreement.

TIMING: The training course will be held during 01 – 05 July 2019. 

VENUE:  AIT, Thailand

PARTICIPANTS: 6 participants for this course will be selected by the authority of Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Company Limited.and , petrobangla                              

COURSE DIRECTOR:   Mr. Fazle Karim


CONTACT Mr. Fazle Karim

Course Director

Senior Program Specialist

AIT Extension

Asian Institute of Technology