Professional Development Course on Modern Medical Treatment and Health Care in Public Hospital

04 - 12 March 2019
This is a ten days program which aims to enhance knowledge on modern diagnostic and treatment approach in the medical related fields – covering specializations being practiced in Bangladesh. The program also enhances practical management skills that help increased performance (less costs but high satisfaction) of medical units and the hospitals. 
The objectives of this program are as follows:
(1) The doctors and health personnel from Bangladesh will have inventory of practical knowledge onchoices of diagnostic, treatment and care techniques that follow today international practices. These are that reduce risks, raise patient safety and promote patient care at family and community level.
(2) The participants will take away tools and case examples of quality improvement practices of various treatment and care units. The tools and cases covers type of data needed for measures of quality, shapes and forms of information records that can be used for assessing quality as well as tools that enabling management of medical data.
(3) Keep records of advanced equipment and modern medical devices being used in hospital in Thailand and they may add values to treatment and care practices in Bangladesh.
(4) Tools for management of hospital human resources, practicing leadership skills and execution of quality improvement plans in the medical units. These include measures and indicators they should pay attention and measures when they want to assess internal performance of the medical units.
(5) Sourced medical solutions to prevent and treat patients who are at risk to main diseases in Thailand. It includes hospital management solutions that strengthen preventive care services for the diseases.
The program covers three parts:
  • Modern theories and concepts of the specializations being practiced in the public hospital in Bangladesh
  • Consultative workshop and Immersion visits to relevant medical units – observations, conduct counter demonstration for equipment and treatment system, patient management, risk management, for example
  • Exposure visit to public and private hospitals in Thailand that follow hospital accreditation system

Photo by Daniel Frank from Pexels