International Training Course: 2nd CLMVT Professional Development in Nonlife Insurance

04 - 08 March 2019

The aim of this 5-day program is to develop your ability to lead your team and company to succeed and excel in rapidly evolving insurance markets of Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand. The program will introduce a range of insurance technical knowledge and best practices performed by insurance practitioners in the region. This new program starts off with a strong and necessary foundation of CLMVT economic and regulatory environment. Then it moves on to address the critical issues of strategic insurance value chain and thoroughly examine game changer technology that will help extract hidden values locked inside the data. Furthermore, participants will have an opportunity to learn how to cultivate a high performing and innovative culture in order to drive future performance success under increasingly complex business landscape in CLMVT region


  • Take stock of knowledge on important aspects of operating and managing a successful insurance business in CLMVT markets;
  • Be familiar and understand applications of critical knowledge and tools needed for making business decisions based on current competitive environments, government policies/regulations and the markets;
  • Exchange knowledge and practical experience on framework and concepts for designing, implementing, and managing a successful underwriting, claim, and marketing strategies;
  • Explore ways to develop a wide range of insurance products and services to suit CLMVT customer's needs;
  • Understand the art and science of converting raw information to valuable business insights; and
  • Enhance managerial skills to execute business strategies in the rapidly-change markets.


This seminar aims to enhance knowledge and give advanced understanding on business strategies for senior and mid-level management of the insurance, insurance broker, and reinsurance companies who want to develop execution-oriented strategies to realize opportunities and to be proactive in taking business action in the CLMVT markets. The course also provides up-to-date knowledge and skills that foster professional development and career advancement in term of taking higher responsibility, executing high impact business operations, and increasing growth through customer services.


  • Overview of CLMVT economies and insurance industries
  • Strategic insurance value chain
  • InsurTech: its trend and impact
  • Key success management strategies for insurer in CLMVT
  • Strategic management perspectives and execution


The Program draws lecturers from insurance practitioners both in Thai and foreign insurance markets as well as Faculty of the Asian Institute of Technology.


Training methodologies aim to enhance individual and group interaction while maximizing learning experience and outcome. A variety of methodologies will be applied, including lecture/presentation, discussions, group work, and questions and answers.