Professional Development Program on Business Competencies Development for young Bankers

25 February - 05 March 2019

This 7 days program from 25 February to 5 March 2019 is designed for the Managers from NMB Bank, Nepal to develop their competencies in business.                       


The key goal of this international development program is to enhance the skills and capabilities of young professionals at NMB Bank in bank management and organizational leadership. This program also seeks to provide practical management tools that participants can apply in their work at being better bankers and effective leaders. At the end of this program, the participants would be able to:

 Perform effectively as team members and organizational leaders

  • Apply correct tools of financial analysis and financial performance assessment
  • Assess tradeoffs in improving branch profitability
  • Identify opportunities for Digital Innovation to enhance customer value and convenience
  • Apply internationally accepted Credit Management principles
  • Practice effective Customer Services Management
  • Analyses the economic environment effecting banks
  • Think and act strategically to compete effectively in the industry


The pedagogy is designed to fully cover and explain the entire spectrum of banking, with its emphasis and focus on understanding the concepts and principles of competencies vital for business development.  It will combine lectures to elucidate concepts, case studies to illustrate their applications and presentations to develop participants’ skills in synthesizing and vocalizing their learning. All sessions will be supported by hands on exercise.  Computers will be provided at each desk for sharing by 4 to 5 participants to work in groups. Additional computers for individual use will be provided in the class room.

Extensive use of internet during the sessions will encourage participants to discover relevant sources of data and further readings on topics covered.

Program materials and background notes will be made available online well in advance of each session for participants to be prepared for the class.

TIMING:  The training program will be held from 25 February to 5 March 2019

VENUE:  AIT, Thailand

PARTICIPANTS: This course is designed to meet the needs of Young level managers from banks.

COURSE DIRECTOR:   Dr. Sundar Venkatesh

COURSE COORDINATOR(S): Ms. Kluaymai Thongkham and Ms. Farah Nashid Hossain