Vehicle Emission Testing and Management, 04-09 December 2017

This one week customized training program on Vehicle Emission Testing and Management (Batch 6) is prepared for the professionals of the Department of Motor Traffic, Government of Sri Lanka, in response to a request from Mr. Anura Dissanayake, Project Director, Vehicle Emission Test Trust Fund, Department of Motor Traffic, Sri Lanka.


The principal aim of this program is to facilitate a better understanding of factors affecting vehicular emissions, comprehend knowledge-based reference tools, and to analyze the potential to reduce local emissions, and improve fuel or energy efficiency of selected technical alternatives of interest to reduce emission. It is expected that the participants will be able to comprehend and apply the tools to assist decision makers in developing urban emission action plans that reflect the political, social, and economic implementation realities of developing countries.


The Department of Motor Traffic was established in 1928 with a view of performing the functions stipulated under the Motor Traffic Act. Main Mission is through team work of motivated staff and modern technology executing the rules and regulations entrusted by the Motor Traffic Act and others in an efficient manner for highest public appreciation. Their Objectives is Provide efficient and effective service as entrusted by the Motor Traffic Act, Execute other vested laws and regulations efficiently and effectively, Optimum use of Human, Physical and financial Resources within the Department.

TIMING:  04 – 09 December 2017 (excluding travel time). 

VENUE:  Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

DONOR:  Government of Sri Lanka

PARTICIPANTS: There are 20 Participants from the Department of Motor Traffic, Government of Sri Lanka who are engaged in the technical professionals engaged in the Vehicle Emission Testing Program, Department of Motor Traffic. Their main purpose is to enhance the technical skills of the professionals in air quality management


COURSE COORDINATOR:  Ms. Mahbooba Amin/Tharakorn Chanlapa

CONTACT  :Mr. Fazle Karim

Head,Information Technology & Engineering

AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology