Professional Development Course on Financial Management, Accounting and Auditing For Gas and Oil companies 27 November - 06 December 2017

The ten days course on Financial Management, Accounting and Auditing for Gas and Oil Companies is organized for professionals of Oil, Gas and mineral exploration who are engaged in finance, accounting and auditing domain to enhance their skills.

Objective: The course will provide a comprehensive overview of international Accounting and Auditing practices in the oil and gas industries. It is particularly suitable for personnel who want to gain a broader understanding of oil and gas financial policy, cost control and auditing topics. This course additionally concentrates on aspects of accounting and auditing that are unique to this industry. It will enhance the participants’ knowledge and understanding of Oil and Gas accounting and auditing through industry specific examination of current international practices and developments in financial accounting, joint venture and production sharing, accounting and budgeting and cost control. The participants of this course will receive information on the latest developments and anticipated changes to IFRS. Using real-world company financial statements and other case studies, participants will learn how to put IFRS accounting principles into practice. 

TIMING: The training course will be held during 27 November - 06 December 2017 (excluding travel time). The participants will arrive on 26 November 2017 and leave on 07 December 2017.

VENUE:AIT, Thailand.

PARTICIPANTS: 13 participants are drawn from senior officers and executives engaged in accounting and auditing discipline related to gas production.


COURSE COORDINATOR(S):     Mr. Syed Muntasir Husain Bokhari

CONTACT :Mr. Fazle Karim

Head,Information Technology & Engineering

AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology