Professional Training Program on Project Planning and Management

20 - 31 January 2020

This Professional Training Program on “Project Planning and Management” aims to enhance participant’s knowledge and skills on overall project management. The program will expose participants to current and evolving approaches to project management. It will try to introduce appropriate methodology of project management by focusing on the project planning and execution skills with a particular focus on project cycle management and result based monitoring and evaluation.
The program will also facilitate an exchange of views and experiences of project managers, policy makers and planners about project management skills in relevant government offices and non-government organizations in Thailand. The associated study visits will provide the opportunity to examine project management in practice and in a variety of organizational contexts.
Finally, the program will help participants steer work process towards clearly defined goals, increase program impact, and improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of projects and teams both small and large.

Course Director: Dr. Md. Zakir Hossain
                          Director (Program)
                         AIT Extension
                         Asian Institute of Technology
Program Coordinator: Chatuphol Pholwan
                                   Program Officer