Community-based Tourism Development: Experiential Learning from Thailand

05 - 14 August 2019


This training program is designed to offer the better understanding of key principles and practices on community-based tourism development which is applicable for local people, local government and tourism operators. For many decades, it has been confirmed that tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industries and a major source of incomes for many countries. Developing countries have experienced increased national revenue, better job opportunity, growth of rural economy and extensive development of public infrastructures.

In view of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), community-based tourism is being known as one of vehicles that helps gearing toward no poverty, reduced inequality and engagements of local stakeholders. The better understanding of sustainable community-based tourism and community-based tourism empowers the communities to protect and maintain the socio-cultural values and natural and cultural heritage resources. It will also help them to manage and administer the tourism by local efforts and resources.


  • After this training program, participants will be able to:
  • Have more awareness of the impacts of tourism to the community and country economy
  • Review keys concepts for enhancing understanding of community-based tourism
  • Explore approaches  to engage community and integration of local values into community-based tourism
  • Identify important areas to develop strategy and plan for community-based tourism management
  • Be acquainted  with knowledge transfer alternatives for enhancing capacity of stakeholders

Key Learning Area:

  • Overview of  tourism and current strategies
  • Sustainable tourism - status, challenges and way forward
  • Community-based tourism practical concepts
  • Case studies of community-based tourism in Thailand
  • Sustainable tourism innovation
  • Tourism marketing and innovation
  • Design of tourism destination and programs
  • Design and development of local products, packaging, and promotion
  • Workshop on community-based planning for tourism destination and strategies for tourism program development
  • On-site study of community-based tourism in Thailand

Target participants:

  • Policy makers, Tourism planners, Planning analysts and Project Managers of government agencies
  • Social and community workers, change agents and civil society organization managers of non-governmental organizations
  • Management staff of state-own agencies for tourism development and private tour operators

Program Information:

Date and Venue:

5th - 14th August 2019

AIT Conference Center (AITCC)

Asian Institute of Technology

Pathum Thani, Thailand

Course Fee: USD 1,650 per person (including accommodation for 11 nights)

for More Information and application Please contact

Ms. Arjin Piromrak, Admission officer
Phone: (66)(2)524 5338, 6333
Fax: (66)(2)524 6332

Application deadline is 5th July 2019