Management of Organizational Change in an Uncertain Environment

07 - 11 October 2019
This one-week professional development training program on ‘Management of Organization Change in an Uncertain Environment’ is specifically designed to help the participants develop & strengthen their ‘Conceptual, Analytical and Implementation skills’, facilitated by experts in the field of Change Management.  The professional development training program is going to be conducted by AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok.
Program Objective:
The program is designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to plan, strategize, lead, implement, handle the transition process in positive ways, in managing effective Organizational Changes, and evaluating the initiated Change-- in a step-by-step process.
The specific objectives are to familiarize and enable participants with:
• Ways/techniques of analyzing the need for Change,
• Identifying what type of Change is needed in a given situation
• Planning for Change and its implementation
• Dealing with employee-resistance to Change
• Providing the necessary leadership for managing Change
• Handling contingencies in the process of managing Change
• Implementing changes successfully
Program Contents:
Module I: Understanding the need for Change and the dynamics of managing Change:
• Analyzing the need for Change
• Selecting the required/needed Types of changes
• Models of Organizational Change
Module II. The Present vs. the Desired State
• Strategic planning for change (Current and Futuristic Current scenarios)
• Strategy, Structure, Systems in the context of planned Change 
• Organization Values, Norms, and Beliefs (Organization culture) in the context of planned Change
Module III:  Ensuring Organization’s Readiness for Change
• Transformation Planning, Establishing a ‘task-force’ for Change Management
• Contingency analysis: Risk assessment and counter-measures
• Communicating planning & Strategy to the key stakeholders
Module IV:  Handling the Transition: Moving from ‘here to there’—Fine tuning
• Dealing with employee-resistance and Morale
• Communication, Negotiation and Conflict management
• Reorganizing work activities; outsourcing, horizontal integration, vertical integration
• Periodic Monitoring, measuring progress
Module V:  Organizational Effectiveness & Leadership Skills
• Leadership in the context of Change-management
• Skills of a change-agent
• Building ‘effective-teams’ for managing change
Module VI:  Leading Change and Evaluation
• Organization’s operating modes and managing change
• Knowledge management, Competiveness, Technology as tools of change management
• Evaluating the effectiveness of a Change program. 
Program Benefits
Upon the completion of this program, participants will be equipped with:
• An understanding of the Process of Change-management
• Practical perspective, and skills needed to effectively manage ‘Organizational Change’ 
• Leadership skills in ‘managing change’ and handling ‘difficult employees/people’
Who Should Attend:
Top/Senior Managers from public and private organizations in functional areas of HR, finance, marketing, production and development. Other professionals such as subject matter experts, project managers, IT professionals & officers leading or facilitating change process in their organization.
Program Duration & Venue:
This one-week training program is going to be conducted at Asian Institute of Technology Campus in Bangkok. The schedule for the conduct of the course is 22-26 April 2019. 
To apply for this program and for information, please contact below to discuss the application procedure and other details:
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Dash
Senior Program Specialist
AIT Extension, Asian Institute of Technology
P. O. Box 4, Klong Luang, 
Pathum Thani - 12120, Thailand
Tel: +66 2524-5358 (Off), Mobile: +66-897659225 
Fax: +66 2524-6332