Management of Training Centers

Course Duration: 
2 Weeks
Education & Training Development
Tuition Fee: 
2 500.00 USD
26 May - 06 June 2014

​This course ​description ​is indicative, and only for reference ​purposes. The course is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in this course​,​ or require a customized course​ that is similar to this​, please note that ​fees start from USD ​25,000 for a two-week course. This fee is for a customized course for ten or fewer participants. For additional participants, the fee is USD 2500 ​per participant.

​For these fees, the client may customize the course to the precise needs ​of the client's organization. Scheduling will be in consultation with the client.

Participants: Directors of training centers, training and development managers, training officers, HRD personnel.

Course Brief:
This course aims to upgrade knowledge and enhance skills of present and prospective training center directors and training managers in leadership and management of training center activities, services and resources for improved organizational performance.

This two-week intensive professional development course focuses on training center management and development particularly in the areas of leadership, strategic management, resource management, trainer and training staff development, quality assurance of the training process and application of information and communication technologies in training center management. The course also benefits all management and operational staff involved in the management of training function in private and public organizations and NGOs.

Tentative Course Contents:

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Training Center Manager
    Competencies and qualities of a training unit manager; leadership and management roles; building a training team; coaching and supervision; overview on learning organization culture and knowledge management.
  • Strategic Management of Training Centers
    Strategic management overview; participatory strategic planning for training center; strategy setting, implementation and evaluation; business plan development; balanced scorecard; innovative and effective marketing strategies.
  • Professional Development of Trainers and Training Staff 
    Training staff competency profile and mapping; training team roles and job responsibilities; staff training needs assessment; design and implementation of training staff development programs; performance appraisal and career path.
  • Managing Training Center Resources
    Developing an appropriate organizational structure; budgeting and financial management; premises and facilities development; collaboration and partnerships; logistics management; training resource person selection.
  • Quality Assurance and Evaluation of Training
    Quality assurance concepts and principles; quality assurance of the training process; utilizing training evaluation results for quality improvement; total quality management; accreditation of training centers.
  • ICT Application in Training Center Management
    Interactive multimedia for training delivery; e-learning application in training delivery; IT application in managing the training function; IT management.
  • Study Visits
    Study visits to prestigious training centers in government and private agencies and NGOs to provide exposure and opportunity for participants to observe best practices in training center management in Thailand.