Building and Nurturing Competitive Advantage

Course Duration: 
1 Week
Development Management
Tuition Fee: 
1 250.00 USD

​This course ​description ​is indicative, and only for reference ​purposes. The course is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in this course​,​ or require a customized course​ that is similar to this​, please note that ​fees start from USD ​125,00 for one week course. This fee is for a customized course for ten or fewer participants. For additional participants, the fee is USD 1250 ​per participant.

​For these fees, the client may customize the course to the precise needs ​of the client's organization. Scheduling will be in consultation with the client.

Participants:Senior-level executives responsible for developing and implementing competitive strategy; participants are likely to be employed in industries such as consumer products, financial services, high tech, manufacturing, and telecommunications.

Course Brief: This course aims to design for executives responsible for developing and implementing competitive strategy. Participants learn how to formulate and evaluate new competitive strategies;determine how to lay the groundwork for change; and Put their action plans to work for their companies. Topical content of this courses covers environmental scanning, competitive positioning, the economics of competitive advantage, competitor analysis, sustainable competitive advantage, and global industry presence.