Executive Certificate & Master in Development Policies and Practices

Tuition Fee: 
8 000.00 USD
Tuition Fee THB: 
฿ 0.00
28 September - 30 October 2020

Programme content

- in one of our regional hubs -
Accra, Bangkok, Bishkek, Doha, Lima or Ouagadougou

5 weeks (full-time) in Sept./Oct. 2020
Bangkok: 28 Sept. - 30 Oct. 2020
Certificate & Master 

  • Analyse public policies and local/international actors at regional levels
  • Acquire analytical and methodological skills to carry out a research
  • Learn how to manage development projects with a strategic perspective

*The participants to the Certificate must write a paper and submit it two months after the end of the module.

Download Module 1 Outline


- at your place of work -

4 months (part-time) from Nov. 2020 to Jan. 2021

  • Gather information (data collection, interviews, observations)
  • Write your professional thesis (topic relevant to your work and your organisation’s needs)
  • Study gender and development through e-learning


- in International Geneva -

3 weeks (full-time) in Jan. or Feb. 2021

  • Strengthen your leadership skills (mediation, negotiation, foresight)
  • Present your professional thesis in public
  • Participate in work sessions with public administrations, international and non-governmental organisations

Courses are in English, French or Spanish (with translations)
Download Module 3 Outline


Executive Certificate: USD 8,800

Executive Master: USD 3,650 - 26,130


 Navigate today's debates on the following development issues:

  • Natural resources management and governance in English-speaking Africa
  • Rural development and food security in French-speaking Africa
  • Economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in Latin America
  • Water management and security in Central Asia and Caucasus
  • Economic transformations and environmental impacts in Southeast Asia
  • Social development in Middle East and North Africa
  • Current discussions in Geneva-based organisations
  • Gender and development


  • Improve your ability to conduct strategic analysis
  • Understand interactions between policies, practices and key actors
  • Rethink projects with strategic management tools
  • Become familiar with applied methods (data collection, interpretation and risks)
  • Learn how to better interact with your team and interlocutors
  • strengthen your communication skills to effectively influence debates and discussions

Further benefits

  • Experience a unique curriculum with study options in 3 languages (module 1 in one of our regional hubs, module 2 at your place of work with e-learning, module 3 in international Geneva)
  • Conduct a job-related thesis to enhance your organisation’s effectiveness 

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Bruno Medroa, Programme Officer
+41 (0)22 908 62 53 | dpp@graduateinstitute.ch