Development Management

The World Bank envisions, ‘a world free of poverty’. USAID seeks ‘a better future for all’. DfID aims to ‘eliminate poverty in poorer countries’, ADB to ‘improve welfare’, and GTZ to ‘improve living conditions’, and so on. The Millennium Development Goals, a set of 8 bold promises to poor people around the world, seek to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015. But they also beg a critical question: How do we know we are making progress? This is also the same question that managers in both the public and private sectors ask themselves.

The challenges are daunting. Whether in the public or private sector, development organizations or multi-national corporations, all management professionals face the challenge of results: of assessing whether our activities have impact, drawing lessons to improve our results, and ultimately delivering on our development promise. AIT Extension Development Management courses seek to help our clients meet this challenge.

Development management and effectiveness is the ‘how’ of development. It addresses the knowledge, skills, and processes that underpin effective management. Today, management professionals no longer have the luxury of simply mobilizing resources to do good works. We have to demonstrate our impact. We have to progress toward our goals effectively and efficiently. 

For most of us, this does not come easily. 

The reality is, many management efforts are less effective than they should, or could, be. Our return on investment could be higher. So what do the most effective organizations do differently?

The best have developed a performance culture. AIT Extension Development Management courses, therefore, seek to assist our clients in this process and provide the insight, capabilities, practices, and tools of effective development performance management. We help you build the results-driven vision, goals and value proposition in the different areas of your organization whether it is in finance, human resources, marketing or governance.

We help you recognize and address the specific barriers to effectiveness in your organization. And we help you develop the strong, committed leadership and staff, rigorous analytical problem solving, effective stakeholder engagement, and results-driven process and program design and management to overcome barriers and dramatically increase your impact.

AIT Extension is qualified and proficient in providing a large scope of training courses. The following extensive course list is simply for reference and is not scheduled unless advertised in our calendar. If you are interested in any of these courses or require a customized course, please note that to open and run it, we require at least 10 participants. 

The course costs USD 12,500 for a group of ten participants for One week, and USD 1,250 for each additional participant, and that the course can be made available on demand, and customized to the specific requirements of the client. Scheduling will be in consultation with the client. 

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Development Management offers these courses:

Codesort icon Title Course duration
BM01 Finance and Performance Management 2 Weeks
BM02 Organizational Financial Planning and Cost Control 2 Weeks
BM03 Finance for Non-Finance Managers 1 Week
BM04 Human Capital and Organization Management 2 Weeks
BM05 Strategic Human Resource Management 2 Weeks
BM06 Managing People and Service Businesses 1 Week
BM07 Human Resource Management 2 Weeks
BM08 Human Resource Development Skills for Functional Managers 2 Weeks
BM09 Value-Based Strategic Planning and Execution: Driving Profitable Growth in Asia 2 Weeks
BM10 Strategic Marketing & Maximizing Customer Loyalty 2 Weeks
BM11 Advance Course in Strategic and Value-Based Pricing 2 Weeks
BM12 Marketing Management 1 Week
BM13 Building and Nurturing Competitive Advantage 1 Week
BM14 Strategic Supply Chain Management 2 Weeks
BM15 Public Relations for Business Success 1 Week
BM16 Leading Change and Organizational Renewal 1 Week
BM17 Management of Organizational Change 2 Weeks
BM18 Strategic Negotiations for Long Term Organization Success 1 Week
BM19 Effective Management Skills and Techniques 2 Weeks
BM20 Advanced Management for Asia-Pacific Managers 2 Weeks
BM21 General Management 2 Weeks
BM22 Office Management Skills 2 Weeks
BM23 Small and Medium Business Management 2 Weeks
BM24 Advanced Course in Improving Corporate Governance & Board Performance in Asia 2 Weeks
BM25 Strategic IT Management: Transforming IT from Business Support to Business Driver 2 Weeks
BM26 Information Technology and Management 2 Weeks
BM27 Outsourcing: Mastering the Four Key Phases 1 Week
BM28 Management and Leadership for Engineering and Technical Professionals 1 Week
BM29 Business Analyst Foundation Course: At the Interchange of Business & Technology 1 Week
BM30 21st Century Corporate Social Responsibility 1 Week
BM31 Financial Management, Accounting and Audit 2 Weeks
BM32 Logistics Management for Corporate Productivity 2 Weeks
DE01 Project Management 3 Weeks
DE02 Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation 2 Weeks
DE03 Management and Implementation of Development Projects 3 Weeks
DE04 Managing for Development Results: Practicum in Improving Effectiveness and Impact through MDR 2 Weeks
DE05 Strategic Management of NGOs 2 Weeks
DE06 Conflict, Mediation and Dialogue 1 Week
DE07 Managing Micro Enterprises: Interventions, Development and Programs 2 Weeks
SV10 Micro-enterprises Development for Rural/Local Products 2 Weeks
SV12 Entrepreneurial Skills Development for Gender Empowerment 2 Weeks
SV16 Development of Small and Medium Sized Tourism Enterprises 2 Weeks