Learning Approach

Our teaching and learning approach is to apply best practices in training, based on established principles of adult learning.

Training strategies that we use are consistent with the principles of adult learning: peer learning, reflective thinking, problem-based learning, participatory learning and experiential learning. We aim to maximize learning by mixing these approaches appropriate to each learning context.

Methods used include short presentations, group discussions, case studies, workshops, individual exercises, simulation, role-plays, project work, peer learning and study visits. Training sessions are designed to allow participants the scope to interact with resource persons and actively engage in the learning process. Participants benefit from close personal attention by AIT Extension staff. Our typical training course provides five to six hours of workshop sessions every weekday, with extensive social and cultural trips organized at the weekends in courses of two weeks or longer.

ICTs relevant and appropriate to every group of participants are incorporated.

All our training courses are undertaken with the aim of continuous quality improvement. Feedback from participants in one course is a critical input to subsequent courses.

All training courses take advantage of AIT’s stimulating academic and social environment, and the Institute’s multicultural English-speaking academic community.